The Indian traditional Kolams

The Indian traditional Kolams are one of the most distinguished culture of the Indian customs. It is commonly used to symbolize auspiciousness which means you will come across them during the big and celebrative festivals like the Deepavali. According to the beliefs, the patterns and design are used to put in front of the home to invite Goddess Lakshmi into the home to drive away negative forces.

The Kolams are usually made with rice flour which are dyed with different colors and placed on the floor in a specific design. The ground needs to be flat and are not exposed to rain so that it would remains o for a certain period of time. Rice flour is used these days because they make food for ants and small insects so it will slowly be eaten away although the amount might be too much for them. Previously, ground stone powder were used with added rice flour.
Kolams has since become a standard practice in festivals and one would also see them at weddings and such. There are a few major types of kolams that include Line Kolams which are usually made freehand, Dot Kolams known as Pulli and Chuzi Kolams among others.


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