Taboo for Malaysian Indian culture

Malaysians are a superstitious lot and this is very evident across all the different communities and races around. Among the Malaysian Indians, there has been practices which have been passed down through generations which if used in today’s environment would be deemed as ‘old-fashioned’. Having said that they are still being practiced and adhered to and there are some which are taken very seriously which might be offensive if you do not follow them.

One of the common things not to do in public is for couples to hold hands. Now if you are married then it will be okay, but if you are just dating, holding hands in public whether or not it is among the Indian community is sometimes deemed inappropriate. This is due to an old tradition where it is not allowed in the society so there is always a fear of ‘what if people see us?’. Since holding hands are deemed inappropriate, then kissing and hugging are totally out of the question.
For Indian girls, they are not encouraged to wear short skirts or short pants in public. This is very common in fact among all culture but it is regarded to be quite a serious taboo among the more traditional families because such fashion tends to promote promiscuity.


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