MIC Bukit Bintang brings a ‘frog’ to MIC meeting that symbolizes Ibrahim Ali

T Ananthan, the chairman of the MIC Bukit Bintang branch created quite a stir at the recent MIC AGM (Annual General Meeting) when he brought a ‘frog’ to the meeting which he refers to as Datuk Ibrahim Ali, the Pasir Mas Member of Parliament and the president of Malay rights group Perkasa. He slammed Ibrahim for questioning the loyalty of the non-Bumiputeras to the government after MIC’s recent criticism at the PSD (Public Services Department) for not offering educations scholarships to Indian students who excelled in their studies.

Saying that the ‘frog’ showed Ibrahim’s political inclination, he also said that MIC should stop Perkasa from criticizing the BN component parties. Perkasa, under the leadership of Ibrahim has been openly criticizing the non-Malay BN component parties that include MIC and MCA in the past apart from hitting out the opposition constantly. Ibrahim won the Pasir Mas seat under the PAS ticket during the last general election but quit the party and remained a BN-friendly independent ever since.

He said that Perkasa should stop hitting out the BN and its members and must learn to respect the rights of non-Bumiputeras in the country because it would be the fault of Perkasa if BN fails to capture two thirds of the majority in the next general elections.

Author: indian

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