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There are an estimated 1.2 million Indians in Malaysia. They are citizens of Malaysia as they are the descendants of those who came to the country through the course of history to help with the development of the country.Most of those who came that time were at first employed as laborers and this was during the British colonization of Malaya then. It was at this time that the British was also governing India and there was a need of manpower to help out in Malaya’s plantations. The Indian community’s ancestors range from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan as well as those who are Muslims too.

Hence there was a mass migration of Indians from the southern part of the country and while some have since returned home after Malaysia gained its independence in 1957, most of them have since stayed here and made Malaysia their home, enjoying the benefits of citizenship here. While there are many successful Indians in Malaysia, the community is still the lowest in terms of national wealth as well as successful applications to the universities. The Malaysian government has been actively developing and upgrading the living standards of Indians in the country with incentives, scholarships and such as assistance.


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