Influence of the Indian culture in Malaysia

As Malaysia is a multi-cultural and multiracial country, it is very common that there are many integrations and cohesive interpretations in terms of practices and routines. One would be able to notice by now that there are a lot of Indianculture which have been well accepted into the multiracial society in Malaysia.

The Tamil language is one which is widely practiced by Indians and it also has some words which have since been injected to the Bahasa Malaysia like ‘akka’ which is elder sister in Tamil where in BM the word ‘Kakak’ is used. ‘Kappal’ which means ship is used as ‘Kapal’ in BM.
The other major influence of Indians are in the food. Where this is concerned, Indian food are usually and very commonly spicy with curry and chilly being the main ingredients. These ingredients are also used in everyday cooking in other communities. Furthermore, the term ‘mamak’ is used to refer to Indian Muslims and are one of the most common coffee stalls which are loved by people from all walks of life. This is where one would see many people crowding at the shops to enjoy the ‘Teh Tarik’ known to many as the unofficial official drink for Malaysians.


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