Indian Cuisine

Fundamentally, Indian food is known to be spicy. So unless one can take spicy food, Indian cuisine might not be the best choice of a meal. However, having said that, the Indian community has contributed tremendously to the variety of Malaysian food.In fact, it is said that a lot of traditional Malay food were influenced by Indian cuisine and ingredients. Mamak stalls are part and parcel of the lives of Malaysians throughout the country as they are the places where one can see how the culture really is like. Among the famous dishes here are the ‘Maggi Goreng’ the ‘Roti Canai’ and their curry related meals.

The Banana Leaf rice is also one of the common favourites among Malaysians from all races. This is where the rice is served on top of a banana leaf and then one is fed with all types of spices and accompanying dishes like chicken curry, chicken prata, beef curry, fish and vegetables. It is said that if one likes the food there, they should fold the leaf from the top down it means that they enjoyed the food and would love to come for another visit. If the person folds it from bottom up, it means that they did not enjoy the food and would most likely not return in the future.


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