Gadgets and overseas trips for MIC branch chairmen who can bring in 1,000 new registrations

Datuk G Palanivel, the president of MIC is trying to add on to the registration of new members in the party. In the party’s Annual General Meeting recently, he announced a new scheme where branch chairmen of the MIC throughout the country would be rewarded with overseas trips and gadgets if they are able to record 1,000 new registrations.

Seen as efforts to go one up against Datuk Seri S Samy Vellu, it felt more like an act of desperation instead of incentive where such a scheme could give rise to more problems than solutions.

2 questions were raised on such a scheme where the first being on the effectiveness of such a structure. If the registration of new members are based on rewards, then what is the point of joining a political party?

The second question is wouldn’t such a scheme give rise to possible corruption while also pushes the branch chairmen to be about going for quantity instead of quality. Gathering of names is very easy what is the point of having many members when they are only ‘lending’ their names and not really involved. Is it still the era of ‘numbers in power’?  The chairmen can now go out and recruit as many as they can so that they can win the ‘trophy’ which is probable an iPad4.

Author: indian

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