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MIC Bukit Bintang brings a ‘frog’ to MIC meeting that symbolizes Ibrahim Ali

T Ananthan, the chairman of the MIC Bukit Bintang branch created quite a stir at the recent MIC AGM (Annual General Meeting) when he brought a ‘frog’ to the meeting which he refers to as Datuk Ibrahim Ali, the Pasir Mas Mem...
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Gadgets and overseas trips for MIC branch chairmen who can bring in 1,000 new registrations

Datuk G Palanivel, the president of MIC is trying to add on to the registration of new members in the party. In the party’s Annual General Meeting recently, he announced a new scheme where branch chairmen of the MIC throughou...
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The Interlok Issue

One might be asking about the Interlok issue which have gotten a lot of Malaysians talking in recent times. So what is the issue really? First it came from the Malay Literature text book of the Form Five syllabus which the Indi...
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