Malaysian Indian Community

An online portal made specifically for our Indian community of Malaysia, MyIndian Community is the best place to start to keep yourself abreast to the happenings and the issues affecting the community in the country. the portal includes the most relevant and up to date information on everything you need to know that is going on in the community as well as providing you with the most comprehensive resources you need in everyday life.

MyIndian Community is essentially a portal where Malaysian Indians can keep ourselves abreast with issues that can help the community as well as understanding each other better.

Indian historical background.

The history section provides you with a comprehensive history of Malaysian Indians. A chronological reference of the origins of the community, its parties and the people of the country are provided for here. this section also provides some notable events, milestones and achievements both in and outside the country.

This section also provides information on the political beginnings. The earliest political party and its history and achievements ever since are provided here for. This section also provides the notable events that have affected us recently.

Indian Community News

This section provides you with up to date and latest news. This section is updated daily and registered members of MyIndian Community can submit your comments and sentiments pertaining to the news. This section is a great place to keep yourself updated on what is going on in all sectors in Malaysia that has an effect us.